Vinyl resurgence boosts independent record stores.

Good News for Vinyl

Vinyl resurgence boosts independent record stores.

Not only are old albums in demand at flea markets and record stores, many of today’s artists are releasing new music in this familiar old format in addition to more modern methods such as iTunes and other online music sites.

Doug and Sher Hall of Up A Knotch Thrift & Consignment in Bethel said they started with a few hundred old albums in the back room of their store at 71 Stony Hill Road. Noting the demand and interest in the records, they have increased their offerings to about 3,500 albums.

“When people find what they want they are off the wall. They get so excited,” Sher Hall said. “A lot of people just like the album cover art.”

Brian Gerosa, owner of Gerosa Records on Federal Road in Brookfield, was even more direct when comparing the sound quality of CDs and digital music to records.
“An album is way better — way better than a compressed file,” he said. “It’s a different universe. When someone has listened to that compressed sound of a CD or digital file and then they hear how it should sound from a record, they like it a lot.”

Gerosa has been in business for 30 years and noticed a resurgence in album sales about five years ago. His store now has “thousands” of albums from new artists and “tens of thousands” of old albums.

The resurgence of vinyl records has led to a high demand for turntables. Doug Hall recalls walking into a Best Buy about five years ago and asking for a turntable.

“They laughed at me,” he said. “Now everyone has them.”
Konrad, who has owned Johnny’s for 41 years, added: “I heard that Amazon was selling a turntable a minute.”

Amazon announced in January that turntables were its best-selling home audio product last Christmas.

To fuel the record-buying frenzy even more, a small group of record store enthusiasts launched Record Store Day in 2007. It is held annually on the third Saturday in April. Another day dedicated to supporting record stores is held on Black Friday. Limited edition albums are released that day.

“In one day we can sell as many records as the entire month of December,” Konrad said. “It’s a huge day. It’s the biggest day in the industry.”

Record Store Day was created as a way to “celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1,400 independently owned records stores in the U.S. and thousands of similar stores internationally,” according to the website

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