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A journey into the incredible collections of our favourite record stores

The Top 20 biggest selling Christmas albums of the century

We all have our favourite Christmas songs we return to year after year, but for the hardcore Yuletide nut, only a full Christmas album with fresh renditions of festive standards and new future favourites will do. Few artists are brave enough to tackle a Christmas album, but of those that do, who’s been filling stockings…

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The 20 Most Valuable Records Ever

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Upcoming Album Release – November 2016

Many interesting news, this month, in the music world. The Alicia Keys comeback with “Here” will be available from November 4th along with “This House Is Not For Sale” by Bon Jovi. But also Bruno Mars, Enigma, a live album by The Rolling Stones and, last but not least, Laura Pausini and Kylie Minogue their Christmas albums….

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Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Green Day: here’s the october’s upcoming album release

Goodbye Summer, hello October, the month when the record industry is back to release new albums. We are sure that one of the most awaited of this month is “Joanne” latest work by Lady Gaga, arriving on October 21 along with “This House Is Not For Sale” by Bon Jovi. Green Day, however, are already…

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A record store made of Lego

Los Angeles-based artist Chris Cooper, known as COOP, recently put his bricks together to craft the best record store we’ve ever seen made out of Lego. “I’ve been getting back into Lego since my son was born, and I’ve been doing these little buildings that Lego sells as sets … I wanted to try to…

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Spice Girls Reunion: It’s official!

The Reunion of Spice Girls is official! After many rumors and rumors, Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, update us via Instagram. 20 years ago my back garden – wannabe entered the charts , and our amazing journey began. Una foto pubblicata da Geri Horner (@therealgerihalliwell) in data: 7 Lug 2016 alle ore 23:33 PDT The…

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